Paul Burger

repairs & restoration

Ive been undertaking musical instrument repairs along with a custom mouthpiece making now for over 35 years.

I started my career as an engineer and tool maker. Then as you do when you're young, I decided to try something different, so I started work undertaking fibreglass repair and car spraying. I worked for a few different companies and at one stage ended up at Hurn airport spraying aircraft. Still in the paint trade, I decided to become self employed as a decorator.

I took on small contracts working away, even worked in Paris for a couple of months, such good fun and what an amazing city. When I returned home I decided to take time out and make some changes. So, completely out of the blue I decided to make a windsurfer.

I also found out you do need to wear gloves. After many sticky moments I actually completed my first board. I strapped it to the roof of my Ford capri and went to French connection which was a windsurf shop at sandbanks in Poole to buy a mastfoot. Just leaving, Pete who is the owner of the shop ask me, where did you get the board from, when I told him he dragged me back into the shop and said there's 3 board repairs if you want them. That was nearly 37 years ago.. I've been doing repairs ever since.

In regards to the musical instrument repairs I bought a saxophone with the possibility of joining a band which I did end doing. Two days? Then I knocked off the coffee table onto the floor, after staring at it for a couple of hours, I fixed what I thought was the problem, I managed to put it back together and it worked. An OMG moment, I haven't put it down since, which then developed pdbwoodwind.

Best wishes and kind regards,
Paul Burger